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Hi, my name is Ben. You can call me Sam or Stripes if you like. I have a lot of kool things on my website so check it out...


6000+ games!! Bored Well not any longer. Check out the Games page. Games, games and more games, you won't get bored with them. Pick the game of your choice and have fun!!

Funny Videos

Ha ha, I can't stop laughing. So much funny stuff. Get prepare to laugh when you check out this page.

Best Guitar Videos

If you love guitar like me, go ahead and check out these videos, They are awesome!!

Rock & Pop Jukebox

This is a jukebox that plays rock and pop music. All your favorite artists are on it, Check it out and rock on!!

The Chatroom

Want to talk to your friends, get an account and talk to any of your friends. After that you can talk to any of your friends. Tell them to get an account and and your set. Talk to your friends anytime and chat away!!


Under the Comments button you can write anything you want about my site, so please comment.

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